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03-02: 10 Ideas to continuously build my curiosity muscle

Curiosity is my great asset and best currency. I am paranoid that I am not curious enough.
These are 10 ideas to keep me curious and strengthen my curiosity muscle further.
I am thinking to turn this into an article if it gets more than 10 likes :)

    1. Ask What-If questions

    This is a great way to get me to think and see a concept or a problem from different angles.
    What if my day has only 3 hours or 6 hours? What would I prioritize
    What if I am not afraid of rejections? How many cold emails or calls will I do?
    What if I need to reach out to one mentor top 10X my results? What would that person be? How can I get her/his attention?

    2. Ask 3~5 levels of WHY

    Asking many ways helps uncover the real reason or root causes.
    For example
    Why do I want to get rich? To be able to have time.
    why do I need more time? To be able to work on mysef.
    Why do I need to work on myself? To enhance all other areas of my life
    Why do I need to enhance all other areas of my life? etc.

    3. First Principle Thinking

    Thinking in the first principle helps identify flaws in our thinking.
    First, it is important to be curious about identifying if there are any implicit assumptions behind our convictions, ideas, decisions, and beliefs.
    Then, break down the problem into its fundamental principles, and build up a solution from scratch.
    When I say that building a company is hard. I am using hidden assumptions on which my statement is based. For example, hard to get funding, hard to build a prototype, hard to aqcuire customers, etc. Identifying the assumptions is the first step.
    Breaking down the problem into fundamental principles is important to build new 10X solutions. I may expand more in the blog

    4. Daily Gratitude

    Kids learn faster because they are in awe of everything. They see everything is extraordinary. They are curious about the world. The more they know, the more they want to know.
    Gratitude plants the awe feeling in us. When we are grateful and do not take things for granted, we see the seed and the beauty. We see magic in everything.

    5. Daily Reflections

    Daily reflections help us look into our actions and decisions and learn from them. Done well, this is a great source of insights about ourselves. I will probably explain further in a blog.

    6. Reverse Engineering

    Thinking backward is a way to apply curiosity muscle.

    7. Think in Abstraction

    There are so many layers of abstraction builts in this application to allow me to focus on writing my 10 ideas. Being curious about how to abstract concepts and apply them to solve problems in different domains is a great way to train curiosity muscle, and also problem-solving and creativity muscles.

    8. Read Fantasy

    I watched Harry Potter more than 20 times. I always learn new things. I am always curious to see what I can learn, each time I watch it.
    In Fantasy, we are left to the power of our imagination. We can be as curious as we want. I want to read more fantasy books. I am curious about how I will be transformed after reading.

    9. Randomly pick a technology and apply it to five industries

    Moderna created COVID vaccines in less than a year using cloud and AI. It is a laboratory in the cloud.
    How can we apply AI in the aquaculture industry? How can we use the cloud to increase tomato production?
    How can we use blockchain to fix land disputes in Africa?

    10. Tweets

    Curious about what gets people interested and when.

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