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10 +1 things I have learnt through trying out Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT

Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D. has been the main driver behind the development of ACT

    1. Be flexible by using pivots , the pivot allows you to turn a funnel into a loud speaker by switching 90 degrees

    2. Use defusion as a method to recognise that I am not my thoughts they are just thoughts I am not fused to them

    3. Don't be wedded to my Conceptual Self - Ego there is a transcendental self using perspective to gain awareness

    4. Use acceptance instead of avoidance accept the situation. I progress by learning from the discomfort/ pain I am experiencing

    5. Use presence as a tool of understanding don't be a slave to meditation the quality is more important than the quantity

    6. Map out my Values these are the compass I need to follow these provide the purpose and enable effective goals

    7. Values based action looking to build competence not to act on actions for external validation

    8. Not all cognitive based therapies are the same exposure works best when it's aligned to values

    9. The aim isn't just mindfulness it's about developing mental flexibility

    10. ACT recognises the relational frame theory (RFT) how thoughts / words are not just simple associations but states that they form complex relationships . Therefore we can't avoid triggers by avoiding certain words or experiences.

    This is because are thoughts can be linked in such a complex web

    11. We can link ACT with other therapies and development programmes because flexibility is at the core of its development

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