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10 2 Minute Habits to Start

Inspired by @Skwiglez post, I came up with a list of habits that can be done in about two minutes or less. The concept of the two minute habit is from James Clear's Atomic Habits. The idea is if you start a new habit, it should take two minutes or less to do.

    1. Read One Page From a Book

    Even if you read only one page a day, you'll read 30 pages a month. It doesn't sound like much, but if does add up if you weren't a voracious reader to start with. And if a book is especially interesting, it won't take much effort to read a few more pages per day.

    2. Write One Paragraph

    Writing one paragraph, even a bad one can be enough to get over writer's block if you're working on a report or a book.

    3. Learn a Word of a Foreign Language

    If you're learning a foreign language, even learning or reviewing one word per day is infinitely better than doing nothing and letting your skill atrophy.

    4. Go Check the Mailbox

    If you want to get out and walk or run more, going to check the mailbox could be the first step (assuming you have to step out of your front door to check the mail).

    5. Do One Pushup

    If you want to adopt a workout routine, even something as simple as a single pushup can be enough to get started.

    6. Throw Out One Piece of Trash

    If you want to tidy up your living space but it seems hopeless, start with throwing out one piece of trash.

    7. Write Down One Idea

    Writing down one idea usually leads to another.

    8. Learn One Excel Formula

    If you work in Microsoft Excel often, learning one new formula a day can be enough to keep your skills sharp.

    9. Meditate for Two Minutes

    Meditating can be daunting in the modern age where constant entertainment is a few clicks away. Starting for a minute or two can ease you into the habit.

    10. Tell Someone You Care About That You Love Them

    Telling someone that you love them doesn't take a lot of time and it isn't something that should be taken for granted.

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