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10 actions to take to reduce depression

I suffered from this for a long time in my early life.

10 actions to take to reduce depression

    1. Walk outside

    Sometimes exercise is too much to start if you are already depressed, but walking outside can help. Exercise should be introduced later, but maintain the walking.

    2. Help others

    This can be helping people or animals. Helping others can help get you out of your own head and there are many opportunities to volunteer. Helping is important to healing. You may encounter a person or animal that has it much worse and that experience will put your problems into perspective.

    3. Go online in incognito mode and ask questions

    Sometimes you can find that others are going through the same things that you are and that will help. Use incognito mode so that you don't see ads or suggestions on your regular browser.

    4. Sleep well

    This can be more easily said than done but prioritize sleep

    5. Eat well

    Some people eat too much, some eat too little, some eat junk. Try to eat well.

    6. See a therapist, or try group therapy (12 step) if appropriate

    Unfortunately, this can be hit or miss: some therapists will be great for you and others can even make things worse. 12 step programs can be extremely helpful and there is probably at least one that will apply to you.

    7. Be open to trying medication, but monitor it very carefully

    I have been on meds that stabilized me, other meds where I gained 70 lbs in 6 months, and other meds that made me dangerously worse but it took months to realize what was happening. I took meds for 25 years and have been off psychiatric meds for about 10 years.

    8. Accomplish small things, they will lead to bigger things

    When things are tough push yourself to take a shower and get dressed. When you can stack these small accomplishments they can build and prepare you for larger accomplishments

    9. Use a journal: non dominant hand journaling

    Journaling is useful to just get the thoughts out of your head. Non-dominant hand journaling is a technique to get into a flow: if you are right handed use your left hand to write in the journal. This makes the journal hard to read but it keeps you from falling into a rut of familiar patterns.

    You can then do things with the journal like analize it later, share with a therapist or do things like ceremonies where you shred writing or set it on fire to set it free.

    10. If things are bad, check in to a hospital

    Sometimes a few days can help you reset and it can lead to other treatments. I did this about 18 years ago and it saved my life.

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