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Life Lesson I Learnt From Japanese Anime Demon Slayer

The stage is Japan in the Taisho era. The main character, Tanjiro, whose family was killed by a demon. His younger sister, Nezuko, was the only one who survived, but she turned into a demon. Tanjiro is overwhelmed by the feeling of despair. He decides to go on a demon hunting path to bring his sister back to humans and defeat the demons who killed his family.

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Life Lesson I Learnt From Japanese Anime Demon Slayer

    1. Impermanence - Nothing lasts forever

    We should appreciate what we have before it’s gone, cherish it, and not take our privileges for granted.

    2. To move forward, we have to put the past behind us.

    This theme was repeated many times in different situations. To move forward, we need to let go of our past, a past that sometimes carries heavyweights.

    3. If you can only do one thing, master it.

    There is something magical about honing a skill to mastery. The magic lies in giving our best to what we do.

    4. “It’s alright to cry. It’s alright to run away. Just don’t ever give up”

    This quote reminds us that it is OK to be scared, fall, and cry, but we should get up, dust off ourselves, and continue.

    5. Not everything is black and white

    Not all demons are evil. Some are good and well-intentioned. In life as well, there are many shades of gray. We tend to think in black or white, binary bias, but life is more complex.

    6. Be compassionate

    Tanjiro has lost his family, yet he shows kindness and compassion, even to demons.

    7. “My sister and I are always together wherever we go. We will never be separated again.”

    The courage to protect his demon sister and the conviction that he will cure her give Tanjiro the energy to continue through the grueling.

    8. “Spirit alone isn’t gonna get you anywhere”

    It’s good to have a high spirit. It drives and motivates us to achieve our goals, but we need to match that energy with actions. We need to have a bias for action.

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