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10 Apps I Wish Someone Created

Are you a developer reading this? You create these right now ok... : )

10 Apps I Wish Someone Created

    1. Save My Groceries

    When I buy groceries I can simply scan a barcode on my receipt and all of my groceries AND their expiration dates are logged into the app. The app then sends me push notifications when something is nearing "going bad". It could also provide recipe ideas for what I have in fridge or pantry.

    No more mummified veggies living in the back of my fridge.

    2. Caffeine Tracker

    With how much caffeine everyone drinks, it would be cool if there was some kind of an app that you just scan or upload any caffeine that you drink during the day. It then keeps track of how much you've had, when you should stop (by 4pm, etc), and even what other drinks, foods, or exercises you should do to give yourself more energy, better sleep, or require less caffeine.

    3. An "Uber" For Service Professionals

    I have been trying to get my damn bushes trimmed for months. Have called like 5 different people. Even had people schedule then never show. No one needs my money? Lol

    Instead just give me an "Uber" for service professionals. I can pull up lawn care people within 10 mile radius. They can be here within2 hours. Charge $100. Etc. The same could be for any other kind of handyman.

    4. Rate My Landlord

    There's this website called "Rate My Professor" that I loved as a student. You could rate your school professors. It helped you choose which classes you should or shouldn't take.

    I think we need that same thing for landlords or apartments. Nothing is worse than signing a year long lease only to find out your landlord is a jerk.

    5. Deal Finder

    Imagine you are looking for a motorcycle. What if there was an app that you could plug the make and model you're looking for (or a range of make, models, years, etc) -- and then it connected to all different sites like FB Marketplace, Craigslist, Auto Trader, etc -- it was constantly looking for your "deal" instead of you constantly looking for it.

    Then it either sends push notifications or daily emails with any finds. Could be used for any kind of deal.

    6. How Busy

    An app that shows you how busy a place is. Google maps already does something similar, but having an app that focused solely on this would be cool.

    How busy is the gym right now? How busy is that restaurant? How busy is that damn makeup store my girlfriend wants to go to?

    7. Money Maker

    An app that sends you one super easy money making idea each day or every other day or etc. These are easy ideas like "sell something in the garage on Craigslist" or "go buy something from a garage sale and flip it"...etc

    Just every day it's helping you think of easy and creative ways you can make a little extra money

    8. What Do You Want

    No more fighting in relationships with this app.

    Instead of saying "What Do You Want To Eat" to your partner and then spending 30 minutes going back and forth...

    With this app the two of you pick 2-3 types of food that sound good (Italian, Burgers, Chinese, etc) and then you "spin the wheel".

    The app gives you 2-3 recommendations within whatever radius you choose. You "gamify" the decision making process.

    Could also do it for picking a movie. This alone will save me and my girlfriend 45 minutes every single night lol.

    9. Quote Examiner

    I know there are websites for this - but I've never seen it in an app. You have an app that anytime you hear a cool quote you just type it or say it into the app and it pulls up the accurate history of that quote.

    10. Tax Helper

    Instead of waiting till April of the next year to do your taxes. What if you had an app that was tracking all of your income and expenses and then you "assigned" certain things as you went along. It would then give you a running rough total of either what to expect to get back on your tax return or what to expect to pay (if your self employed) on your tax return.

    I'd use that.

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