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10 Apps I'd like to use

Some of these probably exist, I'm just thinking of ideas that I think would be cool or useful before doing any research into it.

    1. Track anything

    By this I mean I want to be able to put in any variable and track it. Daily pushup count? Consistency of idea lists? Track it!

    2. Easy data visualization

    I want to be able to make charts, graphs etc easily. Like the tracking from idea #1, visualize that data!

    3. Buddy beacon

    My wife and I lose track of each other at the store/mall pretty often. It would be cool to turn on your "beacon" when grocery shopping, divide to get different things and easily find each other when done.

    4. Social combiner

    show all of my social feeds in one with the same ability to like, respond etc. - reduces time spent on social.

    5. map marker

    map app that makes it super simple to drop a pin where you're at, and lets you add an audio, text, or image note for that location. Example: "This is where I parked my car." "Here is that weird statue I found."

    6. Soda machine locator

    Sometimes I want a soda and not have to go into a store.

    7. Stream rater

    App that stays up to date with what is streaming and where (Netflix, Hulu etc) and allows you to rate it 1 - 10. User ratings are so much better than critics.

    8. Kid friendly activity finder

    App that shows you all the kid friendly things to do based on your location.

    9. Time to mastery app

    kinda based on the 10,000 hour rule. This app would track time spent working on something.

    Wanting to master coding in Python? Start the timer every time you practice and you could tell future employers I've practiced Python for 800 hours and built x,y & z.

    Want to call yourself a piano master? know how close you are to that 10,000 hours.

    Taking it a step further it could let you set time intervals so you practice 25 minutes or an hour at a time.

    10. Random act of kindness collaborator

    Have an idea for an act of kindness but want to find people to help? Submit it and people can apply to help.

    Neighbor lost his job and needs groceries? get a couple people together to drop some off.

    Old lady's lawn is too long? find someone with a truck and mower who want's to do a lady a favor and cut it.

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