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10 arguments for Why “Steel manning” is a winning strategy

"Straw man arguments" are used to undermine the opponent.
“Steel man arguments” help you win in a smart way.

    1. 1. Makes you understand the argument and viewpoint of your opponent. Helps build trust and adds credits to your like ability.

    2. 2. Makes you rethink own viewpoint, which is an awesome benefit to strengthen own position. Or change it.

    3. 3. Perfect way to practice Growth mindset while staying focused on the topic.

    4. 4. Helps you stay focused on the opponent, thus keeping the connection.

    5. 5. If you use this tactics in preparation for a public speaking, isn’t it the best way to bullet proof own arguments, and refine the conclusions.

    6. 6. Great practice for finding common ground quick. Not only on stage or at work, but in any group, neighbours etc

    7. 7. Even if tactics does not lead easily to settling the argument, your good faith will stand out if that is so.

    8. 8. Helps practice the “and” approach to build continuity in the argument. (“I hear you” impression)

    9. 9. It is a top class kind of debates, which helps you treat the opponent with respect. Makes you feel good too.

    10. 10. Remember that a whiteboard is always your friend, it is not so easy to misconstrue a written statement:)

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