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10 Article Ideas I Could Write that's Helpful for Others

In the past year, I embarked on a side hustle, aiding others in marketing-related writing alongside my day job. Sometimes I'd like to write for myself, and here are ten article ideas.

    1. How to turn a negative into a positive and lose the resentment, a practical guide for making tiny miracles that matter

    I first discovered this process when I was years-long pissed about paying half my salary to child support, and it worked. I can tell you about that process.

    2. How to start a side hustle without making it over complicated or burning out, and set up for cash flow within 30 days

    I needed to start saving money. I saw the writing on the wall that my kids were getting older and more expensive. I started a side hustle writing for others and began making money in my first 30-ish days. I can tell you how I did it.

    3. How to manage the physical demands that midlife men face i.e., a knee injury, and shift to a low-impact routine without getting fat

    I'm 47, and I've been recovering from a knee injury. As a result, I've had to shift my fitness routine from the same stuff I was doing at 33 to what's more appropriate for 47. In the process, I've remained lean but had to make adjustments. I can explain the adjustments.

    4. How to keep going and keep growing amidst this era of change so that you are now aligned with where you want to be

    How's the saying go? The only constant is change. Well, it's true. This article would be about creating a map from where you are now to where you want to be in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. I'm using this now to be sure that when I'm 57, I'm doing alright.

    5. Regaining trust in yourself after making a bad decision that led to unintended consequences can be a difficult process, but there are some steps you can take to regain your confidence

    Some people never recover from their idiocy. They shoot themselves in the foot once and limp forever. This article will explain how to double-check yourself upon making a decision. By doing so, you'll redevelop trust that you aren't screwing up again.

    6. How to balance work, money, health, family, relationships, and personal life without sinking and drowning of overwhelm

    I'm 50% custody, 100% dad. I have a day job that is, at times, demanding and involves managing people. I have a growing side hustle that requires meetings and thoughtful work. And I keep the dishes done and the sink clean. I'll explain how I manage it.

    7. How to handle your emotions before you fly off the handle, and be able to let them go without them gnawing at your nerves

    Go off the handle enough times, and you start to realize the trouble and damage that follows. Maybe this isn't a great article. All I'd do is list all the times I have gone off the handle and how that has negatively impacted my most important relationships or set my accomplishments back by years. Some lessons are learned the hard way, the harder way, and the hardest way.

    8. Dealing with short-term financial stress can be difficult, but there are some steps you can take to cope with and overcome it

    Very cliche - "I was broke, and this is what I did not to be broke." Not as cliche - "I was broke, and I stayed broke, and this is how I lived my life broke WITHOUT the stress."

    9. How To Fall Back Asleep At Night After Waking Up With Anxiety and Over Stinkin Thinkin

    In a nutshell, get out of bed, write what you're thinking about, dip yourself in a cold bath, then go back to bed. I'm convinced that you will fall back asleep.

    10. How to develop healthy living routines that increase longevity and things you should look to improve BEFORE "diet"

    Things like rise and shine with the sun. Getting outside in the morning sunlight. Putting your bare feet on the ground. Getting in nature. You can do at least ten things that don't include dieting to lose weight and feel healthy.

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