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10 Augmented Reality game/activity ideas

10 Augmented Reality game/activity ideas

    1. Pac Man jogging app

    White dots would be in your path. You would be chased by ghosts but if you ran over a big dot you could turn around and chase them. This would be fun and good exercise. People watching you would think that you are completely insane.

    2. Firestarter

    Use your fingers like a wand and set things in your environment on fire. Other players would have water and put the fires out.

    3. Head crusher

    You could turn people's heads into raisins or dust depending on the technique that you used. Great for meetings!

    4. World Painter

    Lets you paint your world. Pick water color, steel, oil paints. It could render your vision as if the world was a Van Gogh or MC Escher.

    5. Maze blaster

    Overlay a maze on anything that you are looking at.

    6. 3D 80s Arcade Games

    Turns the world into 80s arcade classics!

    Centipede, Missile Command, Galga, Asteroids, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers

    7. Commuter NASCAR

    Would only be safe with autonomous driving but you could race while the robot gets you there safely.

    8. Commuter Death Race

    Variation of Commuter NASCAR

    9. Virtual Posse

    Generated avatars that would hang around with you that others could see in augmented reality. You could rent famous people or pay to upgrade and get dinosaurs or giant bugs.

    10. Sign scrambler/Sign Rebus

    Maintain mental sharpness by having to unscramble all the words in signs in your world. Every word is a word puzzle!

    11. Holographic Board Games

    Like in Star Wars and other movies where chess pieces fight each other.

    12. Meatloaf simulator

    Be able to put meatloaf anywhere you want.

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