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10 Authors I have Talked to

I was listening to the Skip the line podcast today and was thinking about the authors I have contacted and had conversations with. I find finishing a book difficult. If I am able to finish the book I typically contact the author and ask a question.

    1. James Altucher

    He is great! We have talked a few times and each time he motivates me to keep going. It brightens my day. Thanks! I get more out of the podcasts than his books. I finished the book "The Power of No" It was great. I say no a lot.

    2. Gretchen Rubin

    She was the first. I was 26 and I bought her book at a Borders that is now a Walgreens. I told her that her book changed the way I thought about life. I think it even fits today. I am still getting benefits from that book

    3. Barry Schwartz

    I was shocked at his response time. His reply was humorous also. I was I think 29. I didn't read his book but I saw his Ted Talk about The Paradox of Choice. I asked him how I could be better at my job as a cashier at Best Buy. He said " Have Best Buy contact me for consulting". They should have.

    4. A.J. Jacobs

    He is great at responding to fans like James. I read the encyclopedia book and the bible book. I want to write books like him about experiments I have done. My problem is I am just starting to realize they were experiments. I didn't take good enough notes. Maybe I will again soon. The notes will be better.

    5. Mia Sheridan

    I hated reading until I was about 31. A life changing moment happened in my life. I ended up reading the 50 Shades of Grey series. I then went on to read several dozen romance novels. I liked Mia's because she had an astrology series. I don't think she finished it. It was a series that created a main character out of the personality traits of each sign. In her acknowledgements section she talked about all of her editors. I told her I was terrified to share my work with someone else she told me it was the most important step to have a quality book.

    6. Loretta Breuning Graziano

    James kept talking about her book on his podcast. I think it was on and off for a few months.I wondered why she hadn't been on his podcast. I emailed her. She had no idea he was bringing up her book. I said well let me connect you. I want to hear this conversation. She has been somewhat of a mentor on and off through out the last 10ish years. She helped me finish reading her book Meet Your Happy Chemicals. She also helped me learn that if I create challenges for myself it will produce happy chemicals. She helped me get off psychosomatic medications. She also helped changed my life drastically.

    7. Cormac O'Brien

    I love his book about the First Ladies. I started reading about the presidents but I think I got bored. I emailed him to recommend a book idea. He said "I think I am done writing about presidents but you should write it". So I am working on it.

    8. Scott Thorpe

    The book "How to think like Einstein" I found it in a bookstore at the airport. I read it on the plane home. By the time I landed I had figured out how to get into the college I wanted to get into and set up a plan to do it. This book helped me graduate college. I told him that and thanked him for helping change my life. He said "it changed mine too".

    9. Samantha Fey

    I took an online class with her. I just bought her book. The Awake Dreamer. I love it. I go to an online dream circle every Monday night. Lately.. I haven't had many dreams. I started reading this and I think I had like 5 in the past 2 days. One exercise will be in my next post.

    10. I forget but a WW2 History Professor that was on the History Channel WW2 documentary

    I emailed all of the professors from the WW2 History Channel Documentary. I wanted to find a book that helped me learn about my grandfather's experience at Dachau Concentration camp. One professor pointed me in the right direction. There was a memoir. I learned a lot about what my grandfather had to endure. He was the prisoner in charge of the internal medicine unit towards the end of the war. The things I read about what happened in that unit of the hospital.. It make me grateful every day I am alive because he had to survive through that.

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