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10 bad ideas I've had

Some I've executed on, some I didn't.

This exercise is actually not that easy, because I'm very tolerant of ideas: while I acknowledge some of them can be "bad", I tend to think they're often not inherently bad (or when they are, it can be hard to know).


    1. "Let's get a cab to Lake Sevan right now and go skinny dipping!"

    It's past midnight in Yerevan with people I've just met. We're drunk. I didn't even have warm clothes with me and Lake Sevan (an hour or so from the city) is a much colder area.

    We didn't do it. Maybe we missed out on a cool experience and a funny story, but we may also have escaped death! A reasonable woman talked us out of it.

    2. Moving back to Paris

    After coming back from living in Canada for a bit, I really thought I was going to move back to Paris, even though I wasn't doing anything to make that possible. Maybe that was telling. Ended up wasting time at home in Brussels, which wasn't a great idea either (not that I had the "idea" of wasting time).

    3. Taking drugs with strangers while drunk

    It ended up leading to a positive change in my life, but the idea itself was incredibly stupid.

    4. Moving in with two of my best friends

    Which didn't end up happening. I was still broke and somehow thought staying in Brussels for a while might be a good idea after all. I probably would have regretted it. Although maybe it would have pushed me to get out of my rut faster.

    5. Agreeing to go back and forth on a project thinking we would eventually sign a contract

    I was doing some free work assuming we'd sign a contract for me to complete the whole project, which was dumb enough, but we hadn't even talked about pricing.

    6. Sleeping in the same bed with that Turkish truck driver

    7. Buying digital products I didn't use

    I guess there's still time... if I can find them.

    8. Getting way too drunk

    9. Sleeping with that person

    10. Giving too much of my time to the wrong people

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