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10 Birds I can see from my parents' deck

After a week spent at home in CT playing Wingspan every night, I feel like I'm an expert birdwatcher. Not only has the game taught me a ton about birds, but I've also had the opportunity to observe them all day. My parents are empty nesters, so they've taken up feeding the birds as a hobby. It's cute, although I'd prefer they get a dog...

Anyway, I digress. Here are 10 bird species I've come to be able to recognize on sight.

    1. Woodpeckers

    We see so many varieties of woodpeckers. The prettiest, and the rarest, are the Northern Flickers.

    2. Tufted Titmouses

    ...or is it "Titmice"? Both sound weird

    3. Chickadees

    Small, sweet, and adorable.

    4. Bluebirds

    Bluebirds are pretty shy, so it's a treat to see them.

    5. Blue Jays

    Another type of blue bird. Blue Jays, however, are the opposite of shy. They're extremely aggressive, and other birds flee at the sight of them. However, they are super glamorous and are very fun to watch.

    6. Cardinals

    We see both the male and the female cardinals, which is impressive because the females are usually quite shy.

    7. Goldfinches

    You can spot them coming from a mile away because of how bright they are.

    8. Hummingbirds

    My parents have a special bird feeder to hold sugary syrup for them.

    9. White-breasted nuthatches

    These guys are my least favorite. I don't like the way they hop, and they aggressively poke at other birds and don't let them eat in peace. Plus, they're only 3/10 for cuteness.

    10. Hawks

    The hawks we see are majestic and glorious. But, as birds of prey, they use the bird feeder as a place to find prey and don't eat directly from it.

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