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10 Books About Presidents I Would Like to Read

I was listening to the James Altucher Show today and it got me thinking about a book I would love to read. I then decided this was my list today.

    1. People Who Could Have Been President

    I thought of this like 3 years ago. I was reading "Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents" by Cormac O'Brien. I emailed him and asked him if he'd write this book. He said he was done writing books about presidents but I should write it. I would love to but my attention span sucks. I am working on it. But I come up with a book idea a day.. become obsessed with it and then the next day it happens again.

    My Idea: Research the other MAJOR candidates in the election. I am thinking the opposing parties or any other candidates that got a lot of press. Why didn't they win? What did they go on to do after not winning? Is their only legacy that they didn't win the election or did they do something else cool with their lives?

    2. Siblings of the Presidents

    We usually know about the parents of the president but what about the siblings. I think this comes from my siblings having great careers and me feeling overshadowed by them.

    3. Updated Version: Entertaining at the White House

    This might already exist. I bought a book at a used bookstore titled "Entertaining at the White House". It followed every president until Nixon and how they entertained. I would like Nixon and on.

    4. President Rules to Live By

    I am sure every president has mentioned something like this at some point in their lives. Rules they live by. I think it would be interesting.

    5. Top Ten Sketchy Things Each President Has Done (You Can Be President too)

    I personally believe that anyone who has ever been in office has done AT LEAST 10 sketchy things to get there.

    6. Where did the president live after being president?

    We know where they grew up but where did they live after being president?

    7. What did they want to be as little boys?

    Maybe some of them wanted to be president.. I am thinking not the first few. I honestly don't think the people who say they want to be president as a kid actually become president.

    8. The President's Famous Friends

    Who are the president's famous friends? Who was George Washington's famous friends back in the day?

    9. Tools of the Titans Type of Book but using Presidential speeches or interviews to answer questions

    I think it would be interesting.

    10. President Playlist

    When I get stuck looking for ideas I start thinking of my senses. What were their favorite songs? This came up in the Entertaining at White House with Nixon. Who did everyone else listen to?

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