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Bill Bergeman


10 Books I Could Write in the Running & Habits Niche

Some of these ideas sound more like blog posts at best, but I'm throwing them out there anyhow.

    1. I Implemented 5 of Eliod Kipchoge's Personal Habits into My Own Life: Here's What Happened.

    2. 10 Daily Habits of the World's Greatest Olympic Runners.

    3. How to Start and Keep a Daily Running Habit in 5 Easy Steps.

    4. Weight Loss Habits of the World's Greatest Runners (and how you can implement them in your life starting today).

    5. How to Develop Better X Habits Through Running.

    Whereas X can equal any number of life pursuits: parenting, leading, sleeping, working, etc.

    6. Daily Training Habits of the World's Great Ultramarathoners.

    7. 10 Ways to Start Training for Your First Ultramarathon Today.

    8. Learn How Running Can Help You Wake Up Early, Get Lean, and Have a Great Sex Life.

    Sounds like a spammy Men's Health article title.

    9. Run Long to Live Long: How running can extend your life span.

    10. Smart Running: How running affects your brain function, your mood, and your ability to rationalize.

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