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10 Books that have Shaped Me

    1. Thick Face Black Heart

    This is my Bible. I turn to it everytime I need to make a big decision.

    Ability to ignore criticism + Doing what is Necessary no matter the consequences.

    Every friend or family member I've bought a copy of this book for just says WOW after reading it

    2. The Millionaire Fastlane

    Opened my eyes to seperating your time from money.

    Just rock sold strategies to build a 5 star business that is built on Retention + Referrals

    3. How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis

    This is some hard-fought wisdom from a person whose done what they preach.

    Ownership, Recruiting/Retaining Talented Employees, Delegation are foundational business

    4. Choose Yourself

    Working on my creativity & writing down ideas has helped me connect the dots & just be overall sharper

    Opened my eyes to the changing nature of work & the disposable nature of corporations

    5. Ca$hvertising

    Have used tips & strategies from this book which have payed off tremedously

    6. Influence

    Reciprocity & Liking

    Social Proof & Authority

    Commitment (handwritten), Consistency, & Scarcity =


    7. Work the System

    Scripts, systems serve as a baseline for onboarding employees & frees up your time to work on the business & not in it

    8. Can't Hurt Me

    David Goggins is the realest motivational speaker I've had the pleasure of listening to.

    You're only at 40% of your maximum effort. You've got 60% more to go.

    9. Lord of the Rings

    There's a reason Silicon Valley is obsessed with this book.

    10. Flood Your Body with Oxygen

    Distilling my own water has been a game changer for me.

    Never been sick & believe a lot of it has to do with the pure, oxygenated water I drink.

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