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Katie Ulrych


10 Business Ideas (after watching a Simon Squibb Video)

I was scrolling through FB videos and came across Simon Squibb asking people on the street "If you could start a business, what would it be?" Then he gave them very practical advice on how to do it. It got me thinking.

    1. 100 Things

    I had this ideas when I was 26. A store devoted to helping you accomplish your life list. Or maybe just 100 things. The store would have patches like 1000's of patches. Think girl/boy scouts. You could also create your own. There are books, travel aides, instructors, journals, classes and materials for you to start knocking out 100 new things. We challenge ourselves as children with boy/girl scouts. Let's really challenge ourselves to learn new skills as adults. I started trying to plan it but I couldn't design the store layout and I got stuck.

    2. Mrs. Frizzle Type Dress and Skirt Shop

    I have 2 dresses and 4 skirts that I bough from Amazon and I LOVE! Dress 1: Different shapes of cactus, Dress 2: Unicorns, Skirt 1: Octopus, Skirt 2: Pineapples, Skirt 3: Strawberries, Skirt 4: Dinosaurs. They are made out of a stretchy material and they are good twirly skirts and dresses. I LOVE THEM. I can't find anymore styles that I like. My whole wardrobe would be filled with them if I could find them. Dresses would be under $30 and skirts under $15. It sounds cheap thinking about it. Like the store would come across as cheap but I don't think so. It would be soooo cute.

    3. Bibimbap Restaurant

    I was asked recently.. what do you want you final meal to be? I said Bibimbap from Yooksam Naengmyeon at Sanbon Station in Sanbon, South Korea. It was AMAZING! I crave it. I want to not only recreate it but create different versions of it. I am not Korean so it might be weird.

    4. History Book only Bookstore

    I think I've mentioned this before on here. It would be a used bookstore with only History Books. History is different in different time periods. There are so many books that say "the things history books didn't teach you" Yeah that's because they were teaching different things. They were telling us a different view point. New books can be there too but I think used books need to be included.

    5. Tarot Card Shop

    Only Tarot Cards. There are 1000's of them. 10's of 1000's. I just bought THE CUTEST DECK EVER! Ok I am posting a picture. The cutest EVER. I squealed so loud when I got them. They are from France. The illustrator. UGH I LOVE HER. Can she illustrate my life? I haven't even seen the card I picked for this picture yet. IT'S SO CUTE! I would buy a 20X20 sq ft shop and just decorate the shop with tarot cards instead of wallpaper.


    6. Halloween City

    Ok so I think I talked about this before too. I thought this up when I was like 28ish.. I want to take over an 80s mall and turn it into an actual Halloween City that is open all year. I had the mall in mind. The company bull dozed it. I think an amazon warehouse is there. :(

    7. Place to Gather to Write Books

    It would be like a regular workspace place but cooler. There would be different activities to do to help stimulate storyline ideas. Different games lying around where you can pick random cards or do random things that would help you be more creative. People can have meet ups there to share their books in meeting rooms. There would be cozy couches and fun seating. Just like minded individuals.

    8. Human Bookstore

    I was in Copenhagen and someone mentioned the Human Library. I forgot that it existed and was bummed I didn't look into it. I would visit a Human Bookstore. I would pay money to talk to random people. Get a bio about them and sit down and try and learn something new from them. There would be coffee or mega tea. Ohhhh omg. I could open a Mega Tea Human Bookstore. That would be magical.

    9. Circuit Gym for ages 3-10

    A gym where the kids move from one circuit like gym activity to another every 10 minutes. It would be an hour long class. It would be attached to a gym for adults. It would be like trampoline for 10 minutes.. jungle gym for 10 minutes.. GoNoodle Dancing for 10 minutes.. Quick 10 minute smoothie break.. 10 minute jump rope.. 10 minute yoga at the end. It would help kids learn how to better transition between activities and would help them be better students at school

    10. Cozy Store

    It would only have cozy things. Giant beanbags. Cozy Slippers. Cozy blankets. Cozy Couches.Cozy things all over for sale.

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