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10 business ideas you can do in a forest without internet

    1. Writing Ideas

    I wrote about 100,000 words in the last six months. I did it all in a forest without internet. The first idea is "write". The more you write, the better you get at writing. And if you are a writer, then you can write as your business idea. There's never been more opportunity as there is now to self-publish books and make money off them. You can self-publish on Amazon and they will print books for you and ship them out (or they will do it for free if your book qualifies). Or, if you want to publish a book but don't want to deal with printing or shipping, then just put it up on Amazon as an ebook and they will handle everything else. You can even make it free for five days so that it goes viral and racks up downloads. Then after those five days (or anytime) you can charge for it. Or you can also publish directly on platforms like Medium or Quill or Wattpad where people read primarily ebooks these days.

    2. Make ideas

    The second idea is "make". In the forest I made a lot of things: - I made fires - I made trails - I made little campsites here and there - I made little signs marking my favorite trails - I made a map of my favorite trails - I made survival tools out of sticks and branches - etcetera .

    3. Sell stuff

    I sold stuff in the forest too! First, because it was convenient to have cash on me instead of using credit cards everywhere. Second, because sometimes there were things that were only available online (like tickets to events). Here's some stuff I sold during this time period: - A ticket to see Les Mis in NYC - A ticket to see Hamilton in NYC- A ticket to see Chris Rock in NYC- Some baseball tickets- My old iPhone 6- Some clothes that didn't fit me anymore- My watch that was given to me by my dad when he went back to China after visiting me here.- Books that were given to me but i wasn't interested in reading.- Stuff from AirBnb that we didn't use when we stayed there.- And other stuff too!

    4. Buy stuff

    I bought some supplies while in the woods: - matches (for making fires)- rope (for making survival tools)- food supplies (to eat)- maps (to help me find my way around)- etcetcetc .

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