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10 businesses that are only viable using large language models

What is now finally possible that wasn't 3-4 years ago?

10 businesses that are only viable using large language models

    1. Large scale knowledge bases that can be searched successfully with natural language queries

    Many businesses (plumbing supply, the Internal Revenue Service ) have a need for deep knowledge bases and self help.LLMs can help answer natural language questions.

    2. Interactive chat bots that help you accomplish tasks

    Maybe cancel an account or pay a bill. 

    3. Voice enabled AI to replace phone trees

    Call a number, ask your question in natural language and have the system give you answers. No more press one for this press 5 for that. It will detect your language so you don't have to "press 5 for English "

    4. AI training for learning code

    This works great for code: "why is this code broken?" And it tells you. AI works great for this already.

    5. Virtual boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse

    Text based. Could potentially be a single long running chat thread so you could have history. This sounds lonely but it might be a solution for loneliness.

    6. Personalized pornography

    Maybe not 100% today but soon: porn from a prompt.

    7. Personalized games

    Games like D&D. You could potentially allow the rules to be changed on the fly.

    8. Single person creative studios

    It is now possible to make high quality movies, music and games with tiny teams: even one person. 

    9. Natural language Business intelligence tools and analysis

    10. Virtual legal assistant firm with human fact checkers

    You would need to fact check: some lawyer already got into trouble when it turned out that sited cases were hallucinations and did not actually exist.

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