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10 Careers That Will Be Obsolete in 10 Years

Sadly, politicians didn't make the list.

10 Careers That Will Be Obsolete in 10 Years

    1. Car sales.

    Car sales are already happening online at an increasing rate. No one enjoys visiting a car sales lot for five hours to make a purchase they often regret for the next five years. Better to do it at home where you can select the exact options you want without someone breathing down your neck or forcing an unnecessary and expensive warranty on you.

    2. Real estate agents.

    Some of the major homebuilders in the U.S. have already started website shopping portals that allow users to build new custom homes online, replete with floor plan VR. Other services like Zillow and Redfin will allow for used home sales on their platforms, with all paperwork managed online. All you have to do is pick up your keys.

    3. Freelance writers.

    AI will soon be good enough to replace most of the run-of-the-mill blog posts, social media, and white paper projects for which most freelancers are hired.

    4. Grocery store clerks.

    Most major grocery chains are beta-testing self-checkout machines. Eventually, they'll get good enough to replace all human checkout clerks.

    5. Graphic designers.

    This one might be a stretch for 10 years, but it's certainly possible at some point that AI will be able to generate a design of your choosing simply by inputting the necessary keywords.

    6. Rideshare and taxi drivers.

    Here in Arizona, Waymo has been testing self-driving cars for at least the last seven years as I recall. We see them on the roads all the time. Overall they seem to work well, and curiously they never ride my bumper or cut me off. However, in 2018 a woman in Tempe was killed by a driverless car. Despite that unfortunate incident, testing has not slowed down. Soon they will get good enough to force self-employed rideshare drivers as well as taxi drivers into different jobs.

    7. Bank tellers.

    Most people can do their banking from their smartphones now. I went into my bank a couple of months ago for the first time in years, and it was a ghost town. There was a time when going to the bank meant an hour-long wait. No more. Sooner or later the banks aren't going to employ these people.

    8. Telemarketers.

    Say it ain't so! What are we going to do without telemarketers? Well, don't worry, big corporations have figured out how to use robots to automate typical telemarketing calls, so you can still plan on your phone ringing during dinner with a robot on the other end ready to give you its latest stock tip.

    9. Librarians.

    When was the last time you needed to ask a librarian a question? Not hating on librarians, but the fact is unless you're at a major library with a wealth of archives, there's no need to have a librarian around anymore.

    10. Post office workers.

    We'll still need people to deliver mail, but everything that's done at a post office can easily be digitized and automated.

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