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10 Cartoons I Loved as a Kid, and How They Should Be Rebooted

    1. G.I. Joe

    The toys were my prize possessions. They could make video games. They also need more female characters... a lot more.

    2. He-man

    Instead of separating He-man cartoons for boys from the She-ra cartoons for girls, I think He-man and She-ra should team up for one cartoon called "Masters of the Universe"

    3. The Smurfs

    Live action Smurfs movies are creepy. They could reboot the cartoon with 3D computer generated art.

    4. ThunderCats

    This is another cartoon that's well suited for video games. A 4-player co-op beat 'em up brawler video game would be fun.

    5. Transformers

    Transformers would make great NFTs.

    6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Again, the live action movies are creepy. They already made video games and toys. Maybe this is another good choice for NFTs?

    Okay, I'm out of time. Here are four picks generated by the AI tool...

    7. Tom and Jerry

    The cat and mouse should be in a modern setting, perhaps as employees at a tech company.

    8. The Jetsons

    A return to the classic cartoon but with updated humor and jokes. They also need more diversity in characters.

    9. Scooby Doo

    The gang should solve mysteries that are more relevant to today's kids, such as environmental crimes or internet scams.

    10. The Flintstones

    A return to the original concept but with a more contemporary art style. And again, they need more diversity in characters.

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