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10 Cell Phone Tips and Tricks

10 Cell Phone Tips and Tricks

    1. ICE

    In Case of Emergency. Include this as one of your contacts with a trusted someone responders can notify ICE.

    2. Older phones can still be good WiFi devices

    As long as the battery life isn't horrible.

    3. Your phone is not a flashlight.

    4. It’s also not a compass

    5. And only OK as a map.

    Bunch of old school thoughts here, but when you step off trail, have the right gear.

    6. You will be OK without your phone.

    You can enjoy phone free time. You might even leave it in another room when you go to bed.

    7. Don’t keep it in your hand.

    A pocket or holder is good. A bag or briefcase is even better. You're far less likely to drop it and you won't be quite so compulsive about constantly checking or looking at it.

    8. Inside the phone case is a good place to stick some emergency cash…

    or an emergency only prepaid debit card. Most good cases are a little bit of a pain to take on and off. Discourages impulsive use of your emergency stash.

    9. Read the manual

    And tech reviews for your phone. I'm sure there any plenty of features built into my phone that I have no idea of.

    10. Think about security.

    In essence, talking on any wireless device is akin to broadcasting on a radio. A pretty secure and encrypted radio but still. Anything you store in the phone is the same as keeping an unlocked file cabinet in the lobby.

    These are not extreme metaphors to remind all of us that cell phones are not secure, can be stolen or hacked, and often leave us vulnerable by our own actions.

    11. Having an extra battery can be a big help.

    Or even a lifesaver.

    12. Text messages may get through even when voice won’t.

    This may be due to weak battery, poor reception area, or simply an overwhelmed network.

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