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10 changes I must make to my website

This is a scheduled post - hopefully I will have made progress by the time this gets published.

This was in large part inspired by a call I had with a stranger from Reddit who gave me a lot of valuable information for free.

10 changes I must make to my website

    1. Change from Squarespace to Webflow

    I have to face it: I don't like Squarespace.

    Does anyone have experience transferring their domain name?

    2. Make the value of my service clear within the first 2 seconds

    3. Emphasize the benefits of humor when it comes to sales, attention, etc.

    4. Add testimonials to the homepage

    Probably with Senja. Hopefully I'll get some folks to make video testimonials.

    5. Add buy buttons

    So people can instantly buy my services.

    6. Put into place a subscription model

    7. Put a stronger emphasis on myself

    This guy recommended that I present myself more as an individual than as a company. Since right now I'm by myself, this might make sense. Especially considering my new presence on Twitter and trying to build a personal brand. However, I'm still leaning towards keeping the company name rather than using my own name as the name of the website, since I do envision it becoming larger than me in the future. But I suppose this shouldn't keep me from presenting myself more as an individual for now; maybe add my picture, say "I" instead of "Mudita Comedy", etc. Although I'm aware the copy should be focused on the reader and not on myself.

    8. Emphasize my expertise

    I should probably emphasize the fact that I wrote for The Daily Mash and maybe The Hard Times (I wrote one article for the latter, but I really didn't like their philosophy so I decided I wouldn't continue). Le Gorafi is a big credential in the French-speaking world, but not sure it's worth emphasizing it if my services are in English.

    Maybe I could look through the brands I've worked with and ask them if I could add their logos to my website.

    9. Add a portfolio

    Oddly enough, despite working with dozens of clients, I don't have a huge portfolio. This is partly due to having had most of my experience through Upwork and Fiverr (I am now moving away from those platforms, hence the website).

    - I often don't see the result of my work

    - It's not always something worth showcasing (I often have to tone down the humor, or the client tones it down)

    - I may not always have the client's permission

    - It's often not something that could be easily showcased (for example a sponsored ad in the middle of a YT video)

    Which is why I'm currently offering free work to a few people so that I can add more relevant samples to my portfolio, especially website copy, sales copy and product descriptions.

    10. Make it pretty

    I'm counting on Webflow for this, but I'll probably need to design some things myself or get someone to do it for me.

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