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10 Comments to Leave that show you care and make you look cool to under 30’s Rather than Using Emojis That Make You Seem Old.

A recent survey of People under 30 shows using certain emojis can make you look old and appear lazy! Let’s find some alternatives so we can look hip!


    1. Instead of a thumbs up emoji say some encouraging words like ‘great job!’

    2. The red heart emoji is confusing and people feel a lack of effort being put forth. Clarify with words like ‘I love your insight.’

    3. The loud crying face emoji dates you and doesn’t state exactly how you feel. Words like ‘I am sorry for your loss’ hit home better.

    4. Commenting ‘I am so proud of you’ or Congrats on your win is more personal than the clapping hands emoji.

    5. Your words ‘this needs to change’ are more solution orientated than a grimacing face emoji.

    6. Show personal gratitude by commenting ‘your hard work is paying off’ rather than using the ok hand emoji which means you saw the message.

    7. Say thanks instead of using a tick emoji so the person feels like they are worth a comment using a few more digits. like ‘great observation!’

    8. Saying ‘you are a special friend’ is more relatable than the ambiguous lipstick kiss mark emoji.

    9. Monkey eye Cover Emoji Can be replaced with a little more effort, like ‘can’t unsee this.’

    10. Poo emoji can be expressed by a cooler phrase like ‘that sucks’ to show your level of compassion ❤️👏💩🙈👍👌😭😬💋✔️

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