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10 Considerations when Buying Your First Electric Guitar (So You Don't Quit)

    1. You need to find an instrument that will not fight you. Unfortunately, that attribute costs upwards of $1000. BUT there is hope! Target a spend around $400. A Fender Stratocaster-like guitar is your best bet.

    2. Frets - Overview - You need to pay careful attention to the metal frets protruding from the sides of the neck. You want to minimize (hopefully down to ZERO!) the amount of protruding metal.

    3. Frets - Cont. - Make a U with your left hand and push your palm to the neck starting at the headstock. Slide your hand slowly towards the guitar body. If you feel the sharp or protruding metal, put it back and try another in your budget.

    4. Frets - Fini - DO NOT buy a guitar until you can find one in your budget where you cannot feel your those fret ends. This may take a few tries and a few stores. They exist. Look at the Squire (by Fender) Classic Vibe Series.

    5. Look for a guitar that has a humbucker pickup in the bridge. This will let you get an overdrive pedal later and sound closer to Metallica!

    6. Buy a set of 8 gauge strings on the guitar. Ask the person at the guitar shop. They *may* say it will be too "light". It's not (for multiple scientific reasons). But for the new guitar player light strings are a must.

    7. I'm not kidding. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin uses 8 gauge strings! He wrote Stairway to Heaven which has been played everyday on commercial radio since 1971. Let's follow his lead for now.

    8. Just stick with a maple fretboard. It's cheaper.

    9. Invest in an electronic tuner and learn how to use it.

    10. Pick your fave color (but the fret situation is the #1 MOST IMPORTANT) thing to consider. Solid colors are less expensive. Black is the least expensive.

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