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10 Cool Things I learned about Holly Herndon

She is a musical and visual/digital artist and is deeply involved in the digital space doing things that I barely understand with AI, DAOs and NFTs.


    1. She created Holly+ AI of her voice that you can use

    Here is what happened when I uploaded a file of an instrumental riff played on fretless bass:

    2. She earned a Phd at Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

    3. Holly+ DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization)

    "A DAO of stewards of the Holly+ voice model can vote on minting and certifying new works created from the voice model. As token holders, they are incentivized to only certify or license new works that contribute to the value of the voice, and do not dilute that value through the production of bad art or negative associations. Only a scarce number of official artworks will be minted using the voice model, and DAO token holders are entitled to a cut of profits from resales of those works in perpetuity"

    4. She used the Tribute DAO Framework to build her DAO using the Etherium ecosystem

    5. She has buttons to mint NFTs of images on her website: right now, they are about $17.00 US but priced in Ethereum (0.01 ETH).

    6. She has created a number of visually and sonically interesting/disturbing videos

    7. She has visual NFTs posted for sale on Foundation

    @hollyherndon" target="_blank"> @hollyherndon

    Many have sold for over 4 ETH (about $7000 USD today) and a few have sold for over 10 ETH.

    8. She used Open Law to set up her DAO

    9. It is another glimpse into this future world that seems to make sense to the people that inhabit it but I am having trouble "getting it"

    Who are these people that are paying thousands or millions of USD for NFTs? The same people that hang out with Beeple. Hipsters of the future.

    10. I like her music: very similar to Iannis Xenakis electronic works

    Lots of shifting electronic layers. Here is an Iannis Xenakis musical score:


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