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10 Core Values I Have

The ones that come to mind first.

    1. Love Freely

    Love is love, and there's nothing wrong with sharing it. Be affectionate with those who are welcome to it. Love your friends, love your partner(s), love your family (chosen or blood). And don't be afraid to tell people you love them.

    2. Be Authentic

    I am wonderful as I am. I don't need to conform to anybody's standards to thrive. And I hope those around me feel they can be authentic as well.

    3. Never stop learning & being curious

    We've got this whole universe of fucking awesome shit to learn. I want to know all about it.

    4. The only constant is change

    And that's ok. It's also ok to change your mind.

    5. Approach with an open-mind

    Similar to changing your mind, who knows what you may learn when you're open to listening to others or considering other points of view.

    6. The Gift of Time

    Time is precious - the best gift one can give is the gift of time spent with somebody you care about. Or time spent volunteering, time spent doing activities - use your time wisely.

    7. Care & compassion for self and others

    I'm admittedly horrible at self-care. It's a weekly topic in therapy - I'll set myself on fire to keep others warm. But I value the idea of having care and compassion for myself and am actively working on it. I also think it's important to care & be compassionate towards others. We're humans - silly, fallible, so humanly humans.

    8. Holistic Wellness

    Wellness of the mind, body, and spirit (I'm agnostic atheist, but still think there's something to this).

    9. Passion & Joy

    Find your passion(s) and do things with joy. Of course there'll be difficult times, times of sadness, but soak in the joy when it's there, and find occasions to laugh.

    10. Nature

    Find solace amongst the trees, soak in the sun, listen to the song of the waves, feel the roughness of the rocks when climbing, and be thankful for the ability to be outside enjoying this beautiful planet.

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