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10 Courses/Special Reports I could make when we have PREMIUM Idea Lists

When we launch "premium" idea lists, people will be able to choose among "private", "public" or "PREMIUM" when they make an idea list.

If they choose "PREMIUM", they can set a price, hit POST, and BOOM!, they have a course, special report, premium idea list, newsletter, etc and they can start making money. I think this will be a very useful tool to start monetizing ideas and I'm excited to see how people will use this.

Since I started writing about education and online education in 2005, I've always wanted to be involved in an online learning site. This is what Notepd will, in part, be, in addition to all of our community features.

Of course, some of these lists below (if not all of them), I will just do for free. But some of these might be interesting. Please think about what lists you might do. What courses. What special reports. I want NotePD to be a site where people can make a decent income stream, if not a living.

    1. How to Buy a Stock

    A special report on what I look at when I invest in a stock. How to do due diligence on a public company. What I look for. When do I sell? What's my investing checklist. Plus some stock recommendations. I find that many investors do not know the basics of how to look at a stock.

    2. Choose Yourself University

    Most things we learn in high school or college do not help us later in life. But there are many skills that we have to learn "in real life" that I wish we had learned earlier. Choose Yourself University would cover these: communication, sales, persuasion, entrepreneurship, probabiliy & decision making, self-improvement, dealing with stress/problems, etc.

    Maybe I can have a series of courses and make some sort of certificate program.

    3. Special real estate report

    I did a lot of research when deciding to move to my latest hourse. Plus I've done many podcasts with real estate experts.

    For instance, I looked at change-of-address data from the NYC to post office to find out where people are moving. I looked at where tech companies were moving. I spoke to moving companies, etc.

    I've also spokent to many people who do real estate investing for a living.

    Would be an interesting report to write what the top 10 places that could experience a book. Plus other aspects to make real estate investing as easy as possible.

    4. Negotiation

    My daughter called me the other day to ask about how to negotiate with a landlord. A CEO I know called me the other day to ask me how to negotiate with an acquiror. I do this all the time for my friends, and I've done at least 15-20 podcasts on this topic. Would be fun to do a little course on it.

    5. Path to Master

    I don't know how to be a Grandmaster, but I do know what to study in chess to be a Master. I'd put my own training program up here.

    6. How to Write a Book

    The simplest possible course that can get people to write a book.

    7. How to Make a Successful Podcast

    8. How to Eat for Free at Great Restaurants

    I am only writing this here because @paolorosson should do this one. He eats for free every day because of a special tool he developed.

    9. How to Write a Viral Post

    Many of my articles over the past 20 years have gone viral. I'd even argue that my article "NYC is Dead Forever" has been the last article ever to go truly viral (some 30,000,000 people read it or were exposed to it in some way).

    10. The future of crypto

    What will happen to crypto short-term (1,2,5 years) and what cryptos will benefit.

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