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10 Creative Ways To Launch A Podcast Without A Huge Following

    1. Search for areas where your local TV news station is likely going to be broadcasting. This can be places with natural disasters, store openings, etc. Go over there carrying a huge sign with your podcast name. Run around in the background.

    2. Look for nearby dog parks around your area. Bring some cute doggy t-shirts with a funny quote and your podcast name. Distribute them for free to dog owners. Tell them you're giving them away for publicity.

    3. Set up a booth in a popular area. Offer money to everyone who guesses the name of the podcast you're launching. They have to fill up a form with their name, email, number and their guess. Contact them all when your podcast launches.

    4. Organize a marathon in your local area. Name the marathon after the name of your podcast. People pay money to join. Give them merchandise with your podcast name. You get paid to promote your podcast.

    5. Rent an ice cream truck with your podcast name. Drive around the country giving out free ice cream. Collect their contact details in exchange for the ice cream so you can contact them when the podcast launches.

    6. Create tons of stickers with your podcast name and website address. Drop the stickers (sticky side up) everywhere you go. People will see your podcast details once they look under their shoes.

    7. Put up wanted posters with your face. Give out rewards to anyone who can call you with information on the whereabouts the guy on the poster. Walk around everywhere so they can find you. Tell everyone who calls to listen to your podcast.

    8. Create NFTs to launch your podcast. Giveaway free whitelists for minting the NFTs to everyone who refers at least 5 friends.

    9. Start a free laundry service where you go door to door and offer to wash their laundry for free. Tell them you're doing it to get the word out about your podcast.

    10. Interview 100 people with huge followings in your niche about the secrets of their success. Put all the interviews together into a massive bundle. Give it away as a free promo gift only to your interviewees' followers. Ask them to announce.

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