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10 Crimes in the Metaverse

These are things that might be fun in Grand Theft Auto but will become a problem when the meta verse is more than a game.

10 Crimes in the Metaverse

    1. Assault

    If you know someone is wearing a haptic suit and you punch them in VR when they don't want to be punched is that assault? What if they are in India and you are in Japan? How about intense light and sound attacks?

    2. Theft of virtual items

    This would have to be coded to be possible, or possibly hacked.

    3. Identity theft

    This will be extremely common: almost by definition you are a different identity in the Metaverse so impersonating someone (or someone's avatar) will be easy and potentially perfect.

    4. “Griefing”

    This is a popular activity on Minecraft. Griefing is where you go ruin someone else's creation: blow up their house, fill their house with frogs, seal their doors, etc. Digital vandalism. This will be a bigger deal when someone can ruin something that you paid actual money for.

    5. Forgery

    This is in the category of cheating but a specific type. In a game you could create a fake of a valuable item. With digital real estate you could fake documents.

    6. Blockchain Hacking

    This could vary from social engineering to brute force attacks using AI

    7. Digital Blackouts

    Being able to control whether services are available

    8. Extortion

    Good old fashioned extortion will work great in the Metaverse.

    9. Metaverse Honeypot Creators

    A honeypot is something used to attract (usually) a criminal so that they can be caught in some act. You can also create these to lure people to a "great place" and then apply other techniques like extortion and theft to get money or other things.

    10. AI credentials forgery

    11. Propaganda creation

    12. Election fraud and "fake news/deep fake" experts

    13. Virtual world hackers for hire

    Someone that could change characteristics of a virtual world.

    14. Clandestine concierge

    This would be someone that arranges a secret environment for illegal activities and vets all parties.

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