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10 current and near-future applications for augmented reality and telepresence

Augmented reality is where computer graphics and images can overlay real spaces: where you are. Telepresence is so that you can have a presence somewhere else, like operating a robot in space.

Augmented reality is sometimes called AR. I don't know a short hand for telepresence but I will call it TP in this list. TP uses a combination of sensors and robotics.

10 current and near-future applications for augmented reality and telepresence

    1. Interior design

    AR: See new fabrics, furniture and paint in real time

    TP: visit other places to see designs

    2. Repair of complex machines

    AR: Overlay schematics and other hints

    TP: Repair tiny machines or machines in dangerous places via TP

    3. Surgery

    AR: overlay X-rays or other data

    TP: Robotic incisions. Microscopic tools for cancer removal.

    4. Music lessons

    AR: Light up the piano keys or guitar frets when they are supposed to be played. There have been variations of this in the past with light-up pianos.

    TP: Study with a great teacher across the globe: study with an AI version of Mozart!

    5. Dangerous jobs

    AR: Heads-up display to let you know about things that might be nearby: state of a fire/hurricane, enemy soldiers.

    TP: Combining with robots: defusing bombs, working in fires or underwater

    6. Artwork

    AR: AI can make suggestions by overlaying them as you paint or draw. This could also be lessons.

    TP: a human artist can collaborate with you in real time

    7. Ubiquitous computing

    AR: Display massive computer desktops in space in front of you. The new Apple headset does this. You can sit on an airplane or hammock and see an infinitely large computer desktop

    TP: Use a tiny local device like a phone or watch to control a whole data center full of computers.

    8. Police work: both

    AR: Show meta data about cars and people as you look around: like Robocop.

    TP: Telepresence would let police enter dangerous situations virtually: also like Robocop!

    9. Space exploration

    AR: Heads up displays to show information like remaining oxygen, air speed.

    TP: Going without people would be a huge advantage. You would not need bulky life support systems and space vehicles could be made into any shape

    10. Elder Care

    AR: can display data to an elderly person in their environment: holographic reminders to take medication, go to sleep, etc.

    TP: this information can also be relayed to family members and caregivers. Virtual checkups and doctor visits.

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