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10 Cyber Security Steps Dad Must Take To Make Internet Use Safe and Fun for the Kids

    1. DO use https://OpenDNS.org to block ad program and junk from the family house.

    2. DO only provide children with wifi enabled devices until the summer before 9th grade. (Yes, difficult. But they SHOULD NOT have cell devices before that.)

    3. DO only allow children (middle school and younger) to use computers and devices in public areas of the house.

    4. DO only use the Nintendo game consoles with the cartoon-like games (Super Mario Bros, Racing games, etc.) NO X-Box or Playstation until high skrool.

    5. DO NOT allow kids to use devices in bed while "falling asleep". See #3.

    6. DO run your own Minecraft server for friends and family. DO NOT let the kids join public servers. (Minecraft is a great collaborative game and the kids love it.)

    7. BAN social media accounts until High Skrool.

    8. ALL online names MUST be made up handles/aliases. DO NOT allow them to use their real names online.

    9. READ THE RIOT ACT about social media picture posting in High Skrool. No! No! No!

    10. Personally install ad-block software on all browsers and all devices.

    11. Bonus - DO set your fingerprint/face to unlock the device that YOU have PROVIDED for THEM to USE.

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