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10 Digital Market Place Ideas


    1. AI/ML Models

    Gravity.AI is a digital marketplace for pre-trained AI/ML models. You can hire a data scientist from Fiverr or Upwork to build an AI model such as image recognition, market segmentation, data extraction, etc. You can deploy the model on Gravity.ai where it can be tested, purchased and downloaded.

    2. Automations

    Look for commonly requested automation on r/AutomateYourself, Stack Overflow, etc. Then create a marketplace that specializes in excel, web, Zapier or SaaS automation (airable, monday.com, salesforce)

    3. Market Research Reports

    You can buy market research reports and sell them on a digital market such as Gumroad or Payhip. There are numerous market researchers available as freelancers.

    4. Software as a Service

    Build a SaaS covering your niche of interest and put it up for sale on Flippa.

    5. Online Course Library

    Create and curate a number of online courses on a popular topic of interest. You could reach out to experts in your defined niche and schedule recording time and pay them a percentage of your sales.

    6. 2D/3D Avatars

    Using 2D/3D animation software, create or hire someone to create celebrity or parody characters to be used by Vtubers that use software like Animaze.

    7. Templates

    Powerpoint, Notion, Graphics, Web Templates. Create on Fiverr and resell on Etsy or create your own marketplace quickly by using a NoCode tool like Bubble.io.

    8. Prebuilt Chatbots

    9. PreBuilt WordPress Sites for popular niches

    10. Prebuilt eCommerce Sites

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