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10 Dumb & Clueless Questions: Writing (fiction)

From a post by Mr. Holiday today on IG

With fiction writing, there seem to be no right or wrong answers, which leads to a lot of paths that shouldn't be taken. While I understand (like life) there isn't only one way. However, with something like copywriting you have a definitive yes or no. If X copy gets 5% and Y copy gets 1% conversion, you know to go with X.

Writing a fiction novel, X publisher (x30) which published 1,000 best sellers says Harry Potter is shite, and yet. . .

Or like the idea list James made of authors who broke the rules. (Simply using this as a reference for the non-linear progression fiction writing seems to present - NOT that I have the next HP sitting in my Google docs - ha! I wish)

So in light of looking embarrassingly foolish, here be mine list of questions, that a fool, such as I, might ask.

(PS. I have no idea what this is referencing πŸ‘‡ in the photo, just thought the caption fitting πŸ˜…)


    1. Where do writers get feedback?

    2. How do you get a writing mentor?

    3. What are the #1 list of books to read?

    4. How do you know which "method" to follow when there are a million?

    5. How do you "find" your own voice?

    6. Where do you ask questions?

    7. Should you write on platforms like vocal?

    8. At what point should you change directions?

    9. Will screenplays help with novel writing?

    10. What hurts/helps when you "publish" online?

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