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10 Easy New Things You Can Do This Week That'll Light Up Your Creative Fuse

    1. Be Curious

    Ask questions and be open to learning new things, this will help to increase your knowledge base which can be used to generate new ideas.

    2. Push yourself more often outta your comfort zone but with total respect for yourself

    Do one thing a day to push you outside your comfort zone. E.g.

    - Upgrade your Negotiation skills - care less when you bargain.

    - Put yourself in an uncomfortable position – don’t be afraid to feel embarrassed.

    3. Add a new hobby to your schedule

    This year alone, I started learning SEO and writing daily as a hobby. Am I having fun? Hell yes!

    4. Release yourself from labels that have caged you for years Harness the power of visualization

    “My social anxiety”
    “I’m an introvert”

    All this does not mean you cannot do something that challenges you & spark your creativity.

    Pictures affect your self-image and your self-image affects the way you feel, act and achieve.

    Spend some time daily in the practice of creative envisioning.

    5. Send a Cold DM

    Send a Cold DM to someone you admire the most; thank them or say something nice about their new content.

    6. Learn to do something beneficial and interesting alone:

    -Eat in a Restaurant alone
    -Visit a local bookshop
    -Journal daily – next time you are feeling stuck take some time to journal out your thoughts and quiet the mind.

    7. Change up your daily routine

    Routines are great...but they easily plateau. Take a break or change it up to spark creativity.

    Relaxation and time away from work can actually improve productivity and creativity

    8. Volunteer or participate in something that doesn’t necessarily pay you back.

    Brainstorm with Others. Collaborating with others can help to stimulate new ideas and perspectives.

    9. Live in the present

    You best moves happen when you don’t have thoughts about the past or the future, work with what’s in front of you. Embrace the ever changing moment of now.

    10. Embrace uncertainty

    Choose to embrace the uncertainty by acknowledging that uncertainty is a total place of creation and possibilities.

    Go with the flow and be open to changing your plans, this can lead to new opportunities and experiences.

    11. Bonus point: Spend time in Nature

    Nature is known to boost your immune system, improve your mood & makes you more creative.

    Find time to immerse yourself in nature, breathe deeply and expose yourself to sunlight as safely as possible.

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