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10 Easy New Things You Can Do This Week That'll Light Up Your Creative Fuse

    1. Create Boundaries

    It's really hard to be creative when you could be creative about everything and anything. The best story I came up with this year was during circle time at preschool. It was fairytale week. I was showing 4 yr olds how to write their own story.

    I picked 4 words that were "word wall" words. Troll, tower, princess and something else.

    I just riffed. It was RIDICULOUS! But I had to make a story from 4 random ass words. I did it. They loved it. I loved it. I thought.. I should definitely be a children's author.

    2. Go Rogue.

    Do you walk the same path when you go on you walk? Don't. Go rogue. I went rogue like 2 weekends ago. Not only did I go rogue but I was trying to be an "outdoor runner". On my journey I saw a bird chase a squirrel out of a tree. Have you ever seen that happen? I have not. It was amazing. I wouldn't have seen it if I stayed on my path.

    3. Do something different everyday

    I haven't done this recently or maybe I have just so accustom to it I do it all the time. Have a small notepad and write down what you did different that day. I did this when I started getting culture shock in Korea. I wanted to be home so bad. Amazing things happened when I did it. I met my ex and ended up staying in Korea 2 more years. I went on a ton of adventures.

    4. Talk to people

    I got my eyebrows tinted today. I started talking to this 20 year old girl. When she gets out of school she's going to be my eyebrow girl and I am going to be her tarot reader. We are going to do like a barter system. Her brother had my friend as a history teacher. My friend requested that all of her students take their shoes off before entering the classroom. I had no idea. I love it.

    5. Go to a used bookstore

    I have gone the past two days. I love this used bookstore but I have looked through all of the sections I typically enjoy. I am kind of bored now. However!! Used bookstores have some RANDOM ASS books. You can't go in there looking for one thing. You get surprised. You get inspired.

    6. Randomize your life.

    I saw a ted talk where a programmer created an app that would randomize what he would do for dinner. It took him to some random places. I want to be a programmer now. I want to randomize EVERYTHING in my life. They say nothing is random. PSH. try being surprised every once in a while. You feel younger.

    7. Try a new fad.

    I just tried the Keto Code Diet for 1 month. It changed my perception on food entirely! I went off of it because of Covid and my ankle is back to feeling inflamed. I still try to eat within a window. I have a really hard time eating bread. I know what it will do to me. I like baby spinach now. I still love goat cheese but I don't like goat's milk. I was forced for 4 weeks to shop in an entirely new way. I became very creative.

    8. Take a weird and taboo class

    I love the weird and taboo. I took a psychic and a mediumship class. I LOVE IT. I trust myself a lot more lately. I want someone to recommend something totally outside of my comfort zone and do it.

    9. Give yourself limited supplies

    I guess I have always been creative. My mom sold Aflac insurance the majority of my life. She worked late and I would go to the office with her. Did you know insurance offices have nothing fun in them? I would take paper, highlighters and tape. I would create bikini and hula skirts for my pop cans. Was there any purpose to it.. absolutely not. But I had a blast.

    10. Let Netflix choose for you

    Just try it. I 100% believe that they will choose something that you will roll your eyes at. It will be something popular that everyone loves and that you have adamantly chosen to ignore because you KNOW you will hate it. Just watch it. JUDGE IT if you need to but be open minded. This is how I fell in love with Bridgerton.
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