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10 Easy New Things You Can Do This Week That'll Light Up Your Creative Fuse

    1. Read a Poem every day

    At the moment reading " Poem for the day" two which is a great read

    2. Follow a practise like the artists way and write morning pages just do five minutes

    3. On creative live there is a course called make 28 which tasks 28 creative activities

    Its really good in getting the creative juices going

    4. Go sit out in the Garden back yard , better still be bare foot connecting with the earth

    5. Text some one who you haven't been in touch with for along while explain what difference they have made to your life and thank them

    6. Go for a walk and if you can take in large panoramic view

    Take in the scale and horizon such views bring

    7. Get close to a tree take in the detail of the bark see the delicate leaf structure focus on the detail even take time to smell it

    Contrast the detail of nature with the panoramic view

    8. Strike a conversation with a stranger and don't talk about the weather

    Remember the action of talking is a lot easier than you first think

    9. When you I am travelling I sometimes stop the car , get out and just notice whats around me instead of rushing through

    10. Some times instead of people watching , I will imagine I am that person and try to visualise what that person is seeing and what they are feeling

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