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10 Easy Side Hustle Businesses ANYONE Can Start In A Weekend

    1. Find a really popular new recipe online, cook it, and sell it around the neighborhood.

    Better yet, post photos on Instagram after you make it and tell your friends you're taking orders

    2. Discover a mode of thinking you're most passionate about, and start offering a service that involves you using that mode of thinking.

    I talk a bit about the discovery phase here:


    For example, one of the modes of thinking I'm most passionate about is the "analytical" mode. I could easily start offering a service where I help people analyze and critique their websites, their art, their data, their health, or more.

    3. Start a featured product review business on your social media.

    This works best if you have a decent amount of followers:

    Go around your neighborhood, and tell your favorite local store owners that you're offering a service where you review their latest products or services on all your social media accounts. And that they can contact you any time they have something new and they want to get the word out. Charge them money to review and make videos, photo posts, etc. about their new products or services and posting on your social accounts.

    4. Just do Amazon arbitrage.

    Find something that's selling for cheap, or on clearance sale, at your local Walmart or shopping mall. Check the price on Amazon. If it's cheaper than Amazon, then buy it and resell it on Amazon.

    5. Buy some adult hens from a local farmer, and start selling the eggs around your neighborhood.

    Or optionally, start selling omelets.

    6. Collect broken furniture or other stuff that's being thrown away, repair and refurbish it and put it up for sale on Craigslist.

    7. Start offering door-to-door car handwashing and vacuuming services around your neighborhood. Better yet, offer to do it for them every week for a year for a discounted package price.

    8. Watch some tutorials on YouTube on how to fix broken phones. Start advertising your services around the neighborhood.

    9. Basically, just learn any high-demand-low-supply new skill from YouTube or some blogs, and start offering it as a service.

    10. Build something cool outside your house. Get people to pay to take a photo with it. Change it up every week.

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