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10 Easy Ways You Can Consistently Make An Extra 10 Cents

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"10 Surefire Ways You Can Make An Extra $7000 In The Next 3 Weeks"
- https://notepd.com/idea/10-surefire-ways-you-can-make-an-extra-7000-in-the-next-3-weeks-lmklq

    1. Sell candy, snacks or ice cream to children around your neighborhood. Or at schools around your neighborhood.

    2. Get your own mini-vending machines. Place them around the neighborhood in stores where the owner doesn't mind.

    3. Play music or perform on the streets. Or better yet, teach your dog or cat some cool tricks so they can perform instead. Put a giant cup on the floor to collect spare change.

    4. Walk around your city and look for coins on the floor that people have dropped. Try a different location everyday. Make a note of locations that have especially large amounts of dropped coins and focus on those.

    5. Build a beautiful wishing pond outside your home. So people passing by can throw their coins in and make a wish. Invite the Pope or other celebrities over to endorse the pond.

    Even if they don't accept, you can tell your local newspaper you invited them.

    6. Raise pigeons. And teach them to fly around collecting coins for you. When they bring you coins, you give them food.

    7. If you own a store or business, put a tray of mints next to the cash register. So people can spend some of their spare coin to get some while paying for goods.

    8. Put advertising on your blog. And get paid per click. Focus on getting more traffic to your blog.

    9. Install the Brave browser. Opt-in to receiving advertising. And get paid a few dimes or quarters in crypto every time you see advertising pop-up in your browser. Ask all your family members to install too.

    10. Learn some magic tricks that involve making coins disappear. Perform everywhere you go. Ask for coins from the audience. And make their coins "disappear".

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