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10 Euphemisms That Helped Me Solve 400 + Problems

Try these on for size. If they fit like a glove, you must acquit.
If they're too tight or too big, they're not the gloves for you, right now...just wait...the right gloves are moving along the conveyer built and it may be one month or 10 years but they will arrive at the destination at the appointed time.

    1. Give up the ghost - I stopped placing my time and energy on thoughts, and beliefs that didn't serve my agenda to become more consciously loving. I give the old thoughts a resting place and let them be.

    2. I don't dine with a body, I dine with a mind. The thing that engulfs me is how and what a person thinks. I'm more interested in what's on your mind than what your body looks like.

    3. Blood drops in the same shape as a teardrop. Even when there's blood on my hands (unloving thoughts and actions), love is still yearning to be acknowledged, with a teardrop.

    4. All things that adults know, kids have yet to learn. The person who is the oldest (based on chronological age) will always have more life data points simply based on age. I trust this wisdom and I pay attention.

    5. I'll forgive but I won't forget. What I'm choosing NOT to FORGET is not what really happened. What I believe happened, really didn't. I let go, of the thought, and I replace it with the truth. We're both innocent or We're both guilty.

    6. There's no tomorrow, there's only right now. Anything that's important for me to do can be done now and doesn't rely on time.

    7. Guns are safe, humans are dangerous. If I believe that gun play will solve any problem, I'm insane.

    8. Poke Life. I Polk life until someone says "ouch" and if I poke long enough someone will eventually say "ouch" and then it gives me the opportunity to say "Oh Wow, who might you be?"

    9. There's more to me than that. All change derives from a deep level of dissatisfaction in the world of form and the insight to know there must be a better way.

    10. Power over others is not real power. I want others to see me but I don't see myself. I look like a real fool standing up there with all my perceived power that is meaningless. There are no others.

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