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10 Examples of the Asymmetry of Causes of Success vs. Failure

I think the title may be confusing. I could not find a better one.

There could be many reasons attributed to success, but you only need one for failure. And that reason doesn't even have to be a blackswan event.

Maybe framing attributes of success vs. failure can help find the 20 that bring the most value (20/80 rule).

    1. Sleep

    8 hours of sleep doesn't guarantee a productive day, but 2 hours of sleep will surely wreck your day.

    2. Hiring

    Hiring a great candidate doesn't guarantee you an A-team, but having a bad hire can ruin the team.

    I have experienced this.

    3. New skills

    Learning new skills doesn't guarantee you will be rich soon, but not learning any new skills will make you obsolete in no time.

    4. Reputation

    Building your brand or audience can take a long time, but losing them need only one bad tweet or bad judgment.

    5. Exercise

    Daily exercise doesn't guarantee you a healthy body at 70, but not exercising is the path to muscle atrophy.

    6. Sugar

    Eating less sugar doesn't guarantee you will live longer, but eating more is a recipe for diabetes.

    7. Brushing teeth

    Brushing your teeth at least twice a day doesn't guarantee you great white and caveat-free teeth, but not doing so will make you spend a fortune on your fixing them.

    8. Doing

    Doing doesn't guarantee you will get what you want, but not doing guarantees you won't get it.
    This applies to any endeavor.

    9. Not taking things personally

    Not taking things personally doesn't guarantee you the highest level of self-awareness, but taking things personally exposes your insecurities and fears.

    10. Listening

    Listening to your spouse doesn't guarantee you a long and happy marriage, but not listening is a recipe for divorce.

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