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10 Excuses for why I didn’t get my 10 projects done by the end of the year and ways to do better next time

I first thought of this list as a tongue-in-cheek answer. While it is kind of amusing, and the go, go go growth, mindset people tell me to double down and make even more ambitious goals I think there might be some benefit to making this list. In software we call this a post  mortem.

Having that monthly goal list was useful. I printed it out and referred to it and I did make progress on almost all of them. So I'm not exactly giving up.


    1. The goals were too ambitious

    I could have made 10 steps for each of them.

    2. I had family from out of town

    3. I was not as motivated as I thought

    4. Maybe next time instead of 10 things I would like to do I should make a list of 3 things that I have to do

    5. I had technical problems with my computer setup

    This took me days to get straight 

    6. I started to make a production schedule but I did not box my time on a daily basis

    Get more granular

    7. Take more time when make a list like 10 things to do…

    Use it like a planning tool instead of firing it off from my phone

    8. Enjoy the progress

    This exercise of monthly goals is one that I will continue. I made progress on all of the items on the list and I need to celebrate that. I almost put quotes around "celebrate" but I do need to celebrate the small wins and progress.

    9. Use a post mortem to make adjustments

    10. Break larger stretch goals into smaller tasks

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