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10 experiments you plan to explore in the 2nd half of 2022 to Skip The Line

This is exciting. Here we go.

10 experiments you plan to explore in the 2nd half of 2022 to Skip The Line

    1. Marketing a Digital Game Book Through Digital Ads

    I published a book, a tabletop RPG, earlier this month. I sold double digits worth of copies in my first week! Yes! Now sales are flat. Ok, what can I learn from other marketing pros and game designers to make this skill stack even better? Google ads. Cheap, short run to see how many people I can get to my sales funnel page.

    2. Stream Bumper/BG Music Sales (Bandcamp? iTunes? Where else?)

    I have a catalog of 100+ tracks of varying length and style that would make for, I think, great stream background music. I wonder if the world would be happy to pay 99 cents (like the old iTunes days) for a fully licensed instrumental to loop in the back of their streams. Right now there are subscription services, but my hunch is that service model is not delivering good enough value. Just throw these bad boys up there and see who comes for it. It costs me nothing since I already have the music recorded.

    3. The Next Installment of Legacy of the Cage

    Book 2 needs to hit harder than book 1. The Gauntlet (book 1) lays out the fundamental rules. Book 2 (TBD) needs to take it to huge levels.

    Perfect time to run a survey and gather research from the communities I've been working with since I started.

    Cheap, quick, hands-off tools make this a snap.

    4. Refine My Physical Performance with a Combination of Tools and Skills

    There is a way to get to a higher state of physical performance, but I don't want to spend hours a day or every single second counting calories. There is a combination of tools and systems that I can use to make it as effortless as possible. I don't mean doing no exercise, I mean making all the stuff _outside_ of exercise as simple to handle as possible. Outsource the other stuff and focus on the work itself.

    5. Is there a market for product design strategy frameworks?

    We need to test run some short videos, audio podcasts, or book outlines to see if that exists.

    6. Is there a market for product design strategy methods?

    Similarly, will people be interested in an online course to learn more about product design strategy methods? We can do an ad campaign or a survey on LinkedIn to see how people respond.

    7. Woodworking and Furniture Building Tests

    Can I do a small set of wood experiments combined with video tutorials to become a competent woodworker in the course of about 6 months? I think the answer is "yes".

    8. Miniature Painting and Cracking into the Tabletop Wargaming Community

    I have a hunch there's a crossover between tabletop wargaming, fitness, and MMA as well as RPGs. I'm going to do some miniature painting as an experiment, which is a whole other thing to try to skip the line in itself.

    9. Miniature Painting for Tabletop Wargames

    What do I already know about materials, paints, technique, and shading to apply to miniature painting? Can I use some of my meager art background and drawing experience to get to competence quicker? Can I use video tutorials and things that might also apply to other areas of art and home improvement to get better faster?

    10. Fitness + Gaming Challenge/Group Play Test

    I know there's something to it - though I don't see the value in competing with a bunch of niche "influencers" - let's see if there's a product or service that meets the needs of those people without diving into IG shorts and the like. What could be the magical combination of good + service + lifestyle habit that gets them to sign up?

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