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10 far out ideas with no practical use - yet

These are a list of 10 far out ideas. They are interesting in themselves and maybe useful to some people but for most people they remain simply weird. I thought it would be good to collect all the most far out ideas into a single list.


    1. Geospychology

    Hegel described this psyche of the world in his Philosophy of History, but he only knew three bits - Asia, Russia, Europe. Now we know all the bits. If we map geography to the chakras it’s also instructive. 

    Australasia - base

    East Asia - second

    India, Middle East, Russia - third 

    Europe/Africa - fourth

    America’s - fifth 

    Pacific - sixth 

    And Japan/Koea/Singapore/east coast of China - seventh.

    2. The Metacube

    Hermetic dualism, the I Ching, and Genetics compress information on manifolds of 2-4-8-16-32-64 iteratively computing itself.

    An iteration of the Metacube based on time is Terence McKenna's Timewave, while a computational model has been theorised by Curt Doolittle seems to have been operationalised by Stephen Wolfram.

    Is the Metacube the deep structure of epistemic reality? Who knows. The Metacube is the cube of all potential cubes, a set of all sets of knowable things. 

    3. AI mathematics

    AI now generate and test new math theorems on their own, discovering new math spaces independently. 

    4. Epigenetic informational cascades

    David Sinclair's groundbreaking work on how aging happens opens a new space for countless interventions. Not at all far out.

    5. Operational neuroscience

    Regarding brain chemistry as the operating system of the human person is a new perspective with many popular expressions by David Rock, Ludwig Sunstrom, and David Huberman.

    6. A Course In Miracles

    Collapsing time and social and personal conflict by perception shifting from grievance to forgiveness remains an undercurrent in daily life for the last forty years.

    7. Imagestreaming

    Never debunked method to increase IQ by a point per hour of practice.

    8. Japanese minimalism

    Japanese consciousness of objects as sentient beings to be treated with respect and appreciation manifests popularly with Marie Kondo and Shoukei Matsumoto on tidying and cleaning. Result: relating to space itself as a value.

    9. Endocrine-regenerating yoga

    Related to operational neuroscience, this is the idea, expressed in multiple versions, as yet unverified, that yoga by squeezing and massaging the glands regulates aging and vitality. Representative expressions are Peter Kelder's 5 Tibetan Rites and Kundalini Yoga.

    10. Mask Work

    Antero Alli formalised the theory and practice of ritual while Keith Johnstone operationalised mask work into a practice. The intersection of Jungian archetypes and shamanic tradition into a transformative theatrical technology.

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