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10 Fascinating AI Tools

A collection of interesting AI tools for business people, coders and content artisans.

10 Fascinating AI Tools

    1. - AI Avatar

    A Digital Avatar is an AI-powered human-like virtual assistant that enables intelligent interactions with customers. You write a script and a video generated human will speak those words. Typical use cases are training, explainer videos, and marketing.

    2. Jasper - AI Writing

    An AI writing tool that generates blogs, articles, copy and much more by feeding it input parameters.

    3. Interview Warmup

    Want to prepare for your upcoming interview. Check out the interview prep tool released by Google

    4. Viable - Customer Experience

    This software makes it possible to understand what your customers tell you in their feedback. It can analyze feedback from many different sources, and you can ask follow-up questions to get more information.

    5. Well Said - Text to Speech

    Text to speech software makes it possible to turn text documents and web pages into audio. The audio sounds very human. You can use its voiceovers for informational or promotional videos. You can even train it to emulate your voice.

    6. Scribe - Generate Step by Step Guides

    Scribe makes the most of your screen capture with auto-generated step-by-step guides. This tool is invaluable if you are putting together a walkthrough document on using an application.

    7. Pictory - Script to Video

    This AI tool enables you to create and edit professional-quality videos using just text. Just paste your script, and the AI automatically generates video clips, images and music to create a video.

    8. Orai - Improve your public speaking

    Want to improve your public speaking skills? Use it to practice your presentations and get instant feedback on improvement areas.

    9. Descript - Video/Audio Editor

    Great tool for podcasters. It allows you to edit your video to remove words, overdub words or remove filler words. It's also very good at transcribing audio.

    10. Stenography - Automatically Document Code in VS Code

    Stenography is a free extension for Visual Studio Code that allows coders to quickly auto document their code using AI.

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