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Nicola Fisher


10 Favourite Productivity Tools

    1. Obsidian

    I use this for my writing, my workflow, tracking projects and tasks. I can't sing its praises highly enough.

    2. Twos

    This is a great app for lists - I use it for longer term, ongoing lists and daily reminders. Because it has a text element, I can create a list that is more like an outline. I log each month this way.

    I also share lists with clients to track projects.

    3. Gmail

    I defected from Gmail about 18 months ago and used Outlook. Things changed and Outlook functionality was reduced, so I migrated back to Gmail. It's changed a bit since I was last using it and I like it much better than Outlook.

    4. Buffer

    I use Buffer to schedule social media. I'm trying to tweet more and be more proactive and I find that scheduling helps with this.

    5. Google Calendar

    I like multiple calendars and subscribing to certain calendars. Reminders is also useful for ad hoc things I want to remember.

    6. Reclaim

    Experimenting with calendar blocking.

    7. Not that many apps!

    I've really pared down, of late, with apps. I'm keeping it simple at the moment. In the past I've used tools like Asana, Trello, Click Up, Things but what I'm using now is working well.

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