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10 Fears to Face this Week

    1. Registering for a marathon next month for which I don't quite feel ready.

    I got not one but two injuries about two months ago, and while I'm mostly recovered and training again, I'm not where I was at that time. Signing up for the race will help put clarity and intention to my training, though.

    2. Calling some business contacts.

    I hate talking on the phone.

    3. Booking that trip to Lisbon in September.

    I feel a little fear around this one just because I haven't been out of the country since before COVID.

    4. Going on a date with that girl.

    She's pretty awesome so it should be fine.

    5. Instigating a conversation with my parents about death planning.

    They don't know it's coming but it needs to happen.

    6. Being alone in my house working on my projects with no distractions.

    I crave the background noise of a coffee shop to work, and I find the silence of my home to be a distraction.

    7. My experiment of falling to sleep without the aid of a television on in the background.

    Continuing the theme of fearing being alone in silence.

    8. Signing up for a long-term volunteer opportunity next month that will involve being around a lot of people.

    It's an exciting opportunity but I'm not comfortable with groups of strangers. I just need to sign up already.

    9. Making a decision on whether or not to move out of my house this fall.

    It's beautiful and peaceful where I live, but I crave change.

    10. Doing longer meditation sessions.

    Again, being alone in silence. It's my boogie man.

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