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10 Fears When Quitting My Job for a New Job

I was so scared to quit my job but I did it and they were so gracious.

    1. What if the other job falls through?

    Some paperwork comes back and they so oh we can't hire you.

    2. What if I disappoint the bosses that I respect at my old job?

    I still respect my old bosses. What if I disappoint them?

    3. What do I say?

    I just said "So I got a job offer and I took it"... there's really no other way to say things.

    4. What if my old students look for me and I am not there?

    Kindergartners are just as scared as preschoolers. What if they look for me for reassurance?

    5. What if they can't find a replacement?

    It's hard to find replacements especially because it's the lowest paid gig in town for a teacher.

    6. What if I am not as close with my friends from my old job?

    I stopped by the office 5 times a day to talk to one of my best friends. What if we don't talk as much?

    7. What if I suck at this new job?

    These kids might think I am just weird.

    8. What if the work is not worth the money?

    This is going to be challenging. What if the pay increase isn't worth it?

    9. What if I regret the decision?

    I don't want to compare my old job to my new job and say "oh man I made a mistake"

    10. What if I am too soft for the job?

    I have learned to become more aggressive and have higher expectations for my students but what if I am not hard enough.

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