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10 Features of a Veeeeeery Powerful Podcast Player

It will be a total overkill but fun to have. I think that nowadays podcasts provide us with a lot of useful knowledge. Sure, in case you listen to some quality content. That's why most of the features here are meant to motivate me to listen to quality podcasts more often and motivate others.

    1. Compile episode summary

    So it's kinda inspired by one app called Summly which was bought by Yahoo in 2013. Now it's dead already but the idea was cool: it was able to make 300 words summary of any news article to help you find out the most important information in a quicker way. Some of the really interesting podcast episodes have a length of 1+ hour and I would like to have a tool that can take the audio and using AI provide me a short 10-15 minutes summary of key points mentioned in the episode. But later based on this you might check the whole episode.

    2. Grab a phrase/line/statement and tweet it as audio.

    It's really cool to be able to quickly clip a part of audio that inspired you or gave you a cool insight and share it with others.

    3. Grab that same phrase and tweet it as a text

    Or if you know your friends would like to have something as a text, then it will be great to clip this audio and smartly transform it into the text. Under "smartly" I mean to be able to understand that it's a dialog or monolog, and transform the text accordingly.

    4. Have an episode cast info below

    I mean something similar to IMDB, so for example in the episode of "The James Altucher Show" I would like this podcast player to show me the list of participants like "James - Hoast", "Mr. T - Guest". You are able to click James' profile and it will show you all the podcasts/episodes available on the podcast network. Sure, the lion's share will consist of James' own episodes, but maybe I want to check whether he was a guest on some other podcast and see the conversation from a different perspective where James is not an interviewer.

    5. Podcast length + Your route time

    Imagine a situation where I'm driving somewhere, I built the route in Google Maps, for example, it says "near 45 minutes", so I want my player to sync with my navigation app and suggest me unplayed episode from my library which fits in this route time. I don't want something over or under, I just want to fill in my boring route.

    6. Filter by episode length

    Similar to the previous one but it can be a use case for other routine activities like house cleaning, or exercise routine. I understand that most of the shows have consistent time regulations, but in case you a following a bunch of podcasts I think it might fit your filter option with at least one episode/show.

    7. Have playback speed setting saved per show

    It takes time to find out a proper playback speed per host and their show. I hate to switch it back and forth and remember that coefficient (1.2x, 1.5???). So I want the player to store the speed I applied to a certain show.

    8. A recap feature

    I think it's something too global and powerful but it relates to the issue of the long episode. Imagine I listened to the episode which is 2h+ in a length, I left on 1h:06m due to any reason, I'm coming back today and I really want to have a summary on all the context that was in the first hour so I can continue listening and getting the whole picture and episode value. It can be just a small text summary with key theses.

    9. List all the links, sources mentioned in the episode by host or guests

    Most of the time in case it's a solo podcast the host lists all the sources they would like to include in the episodes notes, however, when it's an interview or something, and the guest mentions any kind of info like their blog, their mail list, sources, I want the player to process this and store per episode notes/info, so I can check them after.

    10. Be able to highlight the most popular parts of the episode

    It's an evolution of #2 "tweeting the episode snippet". It will be interesting to see what inspired other listeners, and what they "bookmarked", I think Medium has a kinda similar feature where you can highlight a chunk of text.

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