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10 features Spotify should add

Of which at least I'm not aware it has

    1. A daily mix based on multiple user profiles

    So when traveling by car, you can listen to music that everyone enjoys instead of just one person.

    2. AI-generated music

    Music is for a large part a mix of rhythm, chords, and tricks. When I was young I had a friend who claimed that house music was nothing more than pressing a button on a computer. Since then, I would love to create a button like that. With all the music data Spotify has access to and the AI algorithms these days, I believe it should be possible to generate new music based on AI and your favorite music.

    3. Mutual interest community

    My wife always claims that there is no one in the world that listens to the types of music I like to put on. I'd love to prove her wrong.

    4. Party agenda for certain music styles

    When I was much younger, I went to a lot of concerts. Since it was an underground scene it was always an art of finding out where the next one would be. Spotify could help with that.

    5. Background noise

    They have playlists for running, but there was a time I had one for studying. It was when I lived at a student house which was always very noisy. I had a playlist that consisted of music that would mask all background noise, but wouldn't distract me from my learning (basically very boring trance music I only listened to for that exact purpose).

    6. Voice memo's

    Spotify is for consuming or producing audio, or more precisely music and podcasts. They could extend it with the ability to record your personal voice memos. It would be nice if it would turn to text automatically.

    7. VR concerts

    Simple as that. Why not, when putting on your favorite music, allow for a VR experience with your heroes at the same time?

    8. AR concerts

    Same as VR, but now you project your favorite band into your own living room. Because you can.

    9. NFTs

    I know, hyped things. But linked to personal services, they can become very useful. Bands could sell NFTs which grants the owner a yearly meet&greet, or a monthly coaching session and Spotify could facilitate the trade. Or just remove the NFT part and just sell unique experiences via their platform and have the right to it persisted by Spotify themselves.

    10. Nostalgic playlist

    My taste in music changes over time. How fun would it be to have a daily mix-like playlist that is based on the music you listened to ten years ago? I would certainly love that. Often I just forget about certain bands or songs.

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